19th June 2016
General questions
What is IT law?

There are a number of terms which describe the field of law we are specialized in: IT (Information Technology) law, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) law, techlaw, computer law, elaw, social and new media law, digital media law, Internet law, cyber law, web law…

IT law is a new field of law which provides legal framework for collecting, saving and distributing electronic information in the field of global business, commerce and economy. It encompasses elements from various fields of law such as contract law, consumer protection law, criminal law, patent law, copyright law, trademark law, banking law, data protection law, freedom of expression, tax law, telecommunication law, labour law.

General questions
What is an IT lawyer for?
While doing any kind of business online whether you notice it or not you are affected by an IT law. You need an assistance of an IT lawyer to determine whether the online activity you are engaged in is the source of any potential legal liability for your business.

IT lawyers represent legal and natural persons from various fields. They draw up IT transactions in a way that maximizes the client’s economic benefit, at the same time ensuring legislative and regulatory compliance. Moreover they help to identify potential sources of dispute between the parties of transaction and draft and review agreements that address these concerns in order to reduce the risk of litigation.

When disputes arise in the field of IT a lawyer specialized in these types of cases can be more advantageous compared to a general legal practitioner. As a rule these are people who are well informed of IT issues and have useful contacts within the industry and are more effective at explaining technical issues to a judge or jury. Therefore IT law is a spesific field of law and those willing to use the services of IT lawyers need to take it into consideration.

General questions
What are the legal services provided by “IT Law Consultancy” Ltd?
In “IT Law Consultancy” Ltd we are dealing with legal issues concerning all aspects of IT, including the following:

  • Consultations in the field of cybersecurity, research and examination of evidences, providing defence in the course of investigation and before the court, raising cybersecurity awareness and providing trainings for law enforcement and judiciary in this field.
  • Providing legal consultations for natural and legal persons conducting e-commerse on legislative and regulatory compliance, as well as digital rights and online advertising.
  • Consultations on contract law issues, in particular on drafting provisions of commersial contracts and licensing agreements in the field of software use.
  • Consultations on the development of data protection mechanisms.
  • Providing consultations on requirements of domestic legislation for companies engaged in production and/or import of biotechnological products.
  • Providing consultations for IT companies.
  • Resolving disputes concerning IT field, including participation in court and arbitration processes.
  • Providing legal examinations.
  • Providing consultations on management of cyber risks and cyber insurance issues.