19th June 2016

“ITLaw Consultancy” Ltd as the first legal company spesialized in IT law in Azerbaijan, was registered in 2016. Company is composed of experienced IT lawyers and IT experts. If your problem is concerned IT law and you need legal consultation in this field or being representing before the court then feel free to contact us.

We provide legal services concerning all aspects of IT, including the following:

  • Consultations in the field of cybersecurity, research and examination of evidences, providing defense in the course of investigation and before the court.
  • Capacity building to address the challenges of cybercrime and electronic evidence, provision of trainings for law enforcement and judiciary.
  • Providing legal consultations for natural and legal persons conducting e-commerse on legislative and regulatory compliance, as well as digital rights and online advertising.
  • Consultations on contract law issues, in particular on drafting provisions of commercial contracts and licensing agreements in the field of software use.
  • Consultations on the development of data protection mechanisms.
  • Providing consultations on requirements of domestic legislation for companies engaged in production and/or import of biotechnological products.
  • Providing consultations for IT companies.
  • Resolving disputes concerning IT field, including participation in court and arbitration processes.
  • Providing legal examinations.
  • Providing consultations on management of cyber risks and cyber insurance issues.
  • Additionally we are dealing with legal regulation of disputes, provision of consultations and representation through attorney in legal issues concerning  business law, intellectual property law, civil law, criminal law, family law, labour law, dissemination of information in internet, damage of business reputation, honour and dignity, state registration of companies, amendment of organizational-legal form or name of company, notary public services.
  • Sharing latest news and awareness raising materials in the field of IT law.
  • We are also ready to provide high qualified legal services necessary for IT projects.